The Biggest Brand List Right Now

The world’s market is now filled with so many brands. But not all of them can land on the best brand list. It takes a lot for something to be regarded as the best that there is. And for some, they had to work for years so that they can land on the list. This will show you that with a little bit of hard work you can get to become who you would want to be.

 The Apple Brand

brand list

Brand list: Apple BrandApple Brand

The Apple brand took the world by storm back in 2007. Now, it has the best phones on the market. Currently, Apple makes billions of dollars as their yearly revenue. Apple products come surpassed in so many departments worldwide. The brand’s main focus is phones but, it has gone to create a lot of fun accessories for their phones as well.


We get to ask google about every single question that pops up in our minds. Google is the most popular brand when it comes to the different search engines that you can get to find online. The company also make billions in dollars every year. The company makes more than ten times the total amount that it spends every year.

Coca Cola

Coke has been described to be the best beverage in the world. It has had rivalry from other beverage companies like Pepsi but it stills soars high.  The company is said to spend a lot of money marketing their company. But, despite the advertising costing a lot of money, they can still get to make more money and increase their value.


Facebook has billions of user worldwide.  And Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world right now. Facebook spends millions in marketing their brand but, they can make over US$50 billion in revenue. Now that people can also get to market their products on Facebook as well.  It is even gaining more popularities for those into the e-commerce trading sector.

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