The Best Android Apps this Month

Technology is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Life was already made easier for people when mobile phones and smartphones were introduced. But the developers did not want to stop there as they took a step further.

The Android green mascot with pictures of all the apps surrounding it.

The Android mascot and all the apps that android inverted

Each and every month they have been coming up with new technology and have been updating the phone apps. And this article will talk about some of the amazing Android apps that have been developed or inverted.

StoryZ  Android app

They say that a picture says a thousand words. Which is true, but android now presents to you an app that allows you to put all your pictures to life. Now you have the privilege of blending your pictures into a video. And to add a little bit of flavour you can turn them into GIFS.


We would say that the weird names are just a way that android app is trying to keep up with pop culture and still manage to produce the brilliant work that they do. And remember anything catchy captures people’s attention. With this android app, you can make a shortcut to any document that you want. From the main folders to the subfolders.


If you are a Netflix fan then this will be one of your favourite apps. You get the latest movies, stream even the latest episodes. Once they have been streamed then you get to access them. And what makes this even more exciting is that you get to access these services anywhere.

DU recorder

Ok, let’s be honest the most annoying thing is that you can’t get some videos off Youtube. But whilst waiting for such an app that will enable that we can be enjoying DU recorder. You can record things on Youtube or better yet anything including video calls or any activity on your phone.



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