A Few Amazing Facts about Kangaroo’s

We Aussies love our nation as much as we love our national symbol, the Kangaroo. We love it so much it’s on our coat of arms alongside the Emu. And today Reels of Joy Casino gives you a few very interesting facts about kangaroos.

Kangaroo Facts

  1. Female Kangaroos can delay their gestation period. We are sure that would be cool if we humans could do it. When you feel like you are not ready to have a child, you just press pause. Well, unfortunately, only female kangaroos can do this. The female kangaroo can also determine the sex of their offspring. It’s pretty cool being a kangaroo, don’t you think so?

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  2. They outnumber the humans. In Straya, the kangaroos outnumber the humans. That’s rather cool. And in honour of this precious marsupial, we have placed in on our stamps and coins
  3. They are the only animal that uses hopping as a primary method of locomotion.There are other animals that hop, but they cannot match the hop of the Kangaroo. Hopping is a fast and efficient method of transportation, for the kangaroos of course and it helps them to cover long distances within short periods of time.
  4. Kangaroos can’t walk back. Because of their unusual and amazing shape, kangaroos find it very hard to walk/ or hop backwards. This is also primarily due to the shape of their legs.
  5. Kangaroos are excellent swimmers. What is more fascinating is that despite the fact that they can’t use their legs independently on land, but can use them independently in water.

Kangaroo Pokies

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