Advice For Gamblers

Gambling is something that many people despise. This is because all they see is the bad  and not the good that comes with gambling. What people tend to forget is that every man made invention has the good and the bad. But that is not our topic of concern today. Today we look at Kenny Rogers song “ The Gambler” and see what advice for gamblers in that song.

Advice for Gamblers

Advice for Gamblers

The Gambler- Kenny Rogers

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is by far one of the best gambling songs of all time. And in that song, there is a lot about gambling to  be learnt. The best part being that although the advice for gamblers, it can also be used by non-gamblers in their day to day lives.

On his song, Kenny Rogers say that he has “made a life out of reading people’s faces.” Which basically means that in order to make it it’s gamble of cards, poker to be specific, you need to be able to call out the bluff. And as for life in general, you need know what people are thinking by reading their face and the look in their eyes.

He also tells the Gambler that if you are going to gamble, you had better do it right. And all gamblers know this, but we hate to admit it. We need to know how to play the cards in order to enjoy the game. And the best way to this by reading the rules.

The most iconic lines it that son are “ Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.” As we gamble, we know to know what to do and when to do it. Be it time management and money management. All this is crucial for a gambler. Furthermore, we need to know when to walk away when the cards are not our favor.



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