Advantages of Reading On a Daily Basis

Not everyone is a book worm, and definitely, not everyone enjoys reading. But come to think of it, when was the last time that you read a book. Not a novel only probably just a magazine article. Or you have been hooked up so much in social media you do not have time to do that.

Do your daily reads center on tweets, Facebook post’? That is not so bad, but you are missing out on a lot. And this article will give you all the reasons why you should make it a point that you read on a daily basis.

Books make you wise everyday

Fascination of a good read

Reduces Stress

So anything can stress you. And we are talking about work, relationships you name it. When you are reading a good novel you forget about all the troubles. We are talking about your mind being flown into another realm. And rest assured that you will forget about that which eats your mind slowly.

Mental Stimulation

Just like every other body part that needs to be exercised. The mind is one of the muscles that also needs exercise. If the mind is not jogged a little what then happens is that you become slow. Minds control the entire system and making sure that it is up to speed is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Failure to do that can lead to dementia and other mental illnesses.

Vocabulary Expansion

Have you ever had a talk with someone and not get at least half of the things they are saying? And you just think to yourself that your vocabulary is just bad. Yes, well this is because you do not read. Reading helps you get those “intelligent jokes”, you can even fit in any crowd. But say that your vocabulary is basic, then you can’t handle serious intense conferences they will see them as boring. So make sure that you acquire the right amount of knowledge only for your sake.


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