Get an Insight on the September Winners

It’s one thing to always talk about the jackpot that players can win at Reels of Joy Casino and it’s another thing to actually win it. People think that that you can’t walk away with real money after playing at the casino, but today, we will put all those who think that to shame. We will take a look at those lucky individuals who have walked away with real money at Reels of Joy.

September Winners

Just read on as we give you the 411 on the September winners. And we hope that by doing we will silence all those who think that the real money to be won is fake. Since we value privacy we can’t give you all the details of the players. And besides, should you win, we don’t think that you would like all your details out in the public.

deep**** was our highest winner of September 2018. They managed to walk away with a whopping AU$17, 811. That’s a lot of money to make while you are having fun don’t you think? rona**** also had a good time at Reels of Joy and after the good time walked away with AU$8,724. AU$6, 594 was the amount that lucky Esme**** walked with. DESH **** was also one of our lucky winner as they won AU$6,038.

These are but a few of the winners that we have at Reels of Joy casino in September. It could be you if you weren’t such a doubting Thomas! We play for real money and we also walk away with real money. We might lose sometimes, but we always have fun. So don’t be afraid to go the extra mile when you play.


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